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Following Alfa Plam’s trend of constant development, as one of the three largest manufacturers of heating appliances in Europe, Graneksport at the same time for more than two decades has been establishing itself in the Macedonian market as a reputable company, which represents Alfa Plan as an authorised dealer and service for Alfa Plam’s products in Macedonia. Dealership and import in this segment were complemented via collaboration with the complementary manufacturers, Bioenergy Point , Eco Step, Crown Forest Serbia for pellet, Ribitex Italy for ash vacuum cleaners and cleaners, Bandini Italy for water heaters, for inox chimneys Spiroduct Greece as well as with the proprietary product, a tool for transport of loads named GranElevator.

Respecting the established postulates of the initial vision, a second generation is already step by step furthering the expansion of the modern market oriented enterprise, while never forgetting the social and familial components in the management. Boasting with an infrastructure of own office, storage and retail facilities, fleet, educated and professionally dedicated staff, Graneksport is fully oriented towards the satisfaction and trust of their partners and end consumers.

For many years now, except for wholesale, retail, service and installation, distribution for own needs in domestic and international trade and small manufacturing, the company through its branch offices has expanded its portfolio in the scope of renting real estates as well as it is operating its own catering facility with multifunctional purpose.


Security and trust


Why Biomass is a renewable energy source?

Biomass is one of the renewable energy sources because it originates from living organisms. The main benefit of biomass as renewable energy source is the fact it can be fully produced anywhere and almost everywhere around the World. The sustainability of biomass as a renewable source is achieved by adequate management of that resource.

Wood – it has been used as an energy source since the beginning of the human race, for both heating and cooking purposes. Wood is considered a neutral carrier of energy because during exploitation it releases a minimal amount of CO2, which is virtually the same as the amount it absorbs during photosynthesis.

Pellet – is fuel developed from wooden mass, without chemical additions and it is absolutely not harmful to the human health and environment. The pellet is known for its exceptional caloric power – up to 5.4 KWH-KG. The main benefits of pellet are:

* high energetic utilisation,
* easy to transport, use and store,
* after combustion, there is only a small amount of pellet leftovers.