About Us

The branch office Gran Market, represents a showroom of the whole assortment of:

ALFA PLAM products, BIOENERGY POINT wooden pellets, RIBITECH by RIBIMEX ash vacuum cleaners and cleaners, BRAUN heaters by BANDINI, GRANELEVATOR tools for transport of timber, pellet and other loads, ATRITUBE stainless steel prefabricated chimneys, protective equipment and accessories that enhance operation and efficiency of heating appliances (thermal valves, thermostats, automatics for combined heating etc.), fittings, pipes, radiators, electrical heaters, convectors and air conditioners of world renowned manufacturers.
Keep in mind that in our Market you can find all spare parts for all Alfa Plam products. The product portfolio was systematically chosen in accordance with the needs of consumers, based on their complementarity as well as quality and practicality.
Naturally, our staff is always at your disposal, free of charge, to offer advice or a full heating or cooling solution for your home. Full installation is offered for Alfa Plan heating appliances as well as for air conditioning in households.

After purchasing any large appliance or pellet, our distribution team shall deliver it free of charge to your home. All of this in order to facilitate the delivery of THE HEAT INTO YOUR HOME.

. The main activity of this company is manufacturing heating appliances that work with pellet as well as solid, liquid and gas fuel, electrical stoves as well as combinations of current-gas. ALFA PLAM products are mainly intended for households. By production volume, distribution and quality, ALFA PLAN is considered a leader when it comes to manufacturing heating appliances in Serbia and Southeast Europe, often listed as one of the top 5 in Europe.

RIBIMEX. With experience of over 40 years when it comes to gardening, household and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) products, RIBIMEX products provide the finest completion of household obligations. With the product line RIBITECH BY RIBIMEX we offer you ash vacuum cleaners, tools and accessories for cleaning chimneys and flue pipes as well as mobile carts, which beat the competition in terms of quality, durability and functionality.

BIOENERGY POINT. Founded to work in manufacturing of renewable energy sources back in 2007, in 2008 it becomes a pioneer in manufacturing of pellet in its factory in Boljevac, Eastern Serbia. Today, the company is a leader in the Serbian market, with expectations to launch yet another plan and increase the annual production from current 60,000t to 80,000t. This step would make it the largest such company in the Balkans.

BANDINI. With over 50 years of experience and research, the BANDINI technology progressively adapted its products to the high demands of the global market, in both quality and quantity. Thus, the BANDINI heaters are currently sold in the Balkans, Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Russia and across Europe…